Query: I need to reset my Vault Password in Quicken?

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If the user is getting invalid password errors during the process of trying to update their accounts, it may possible that the Password Vault holds inaccurate information.

The best technique to correct this is to Reset or recreate Vault Password in Quicken.  In order to recreate the Vault Password, users require printing a document of the stored passwords. Basically, the user needs to delete the password and then reset it again.  Or the user can call our Tech Support team experts.

The user can also follow the steps if they have forgotten the Vault password.

Important Note: Deleting any of the transaction data will not delete the Vault. This process will delete only bank passwords stored in the Vault.

How to Print Vault Password in Quicken?

If the users are not sure what their passwords are or they can print the Password Vault first to observe stored passwords.

  • Select the Tools menu > Password Vault > Add or Edit Passwords and write their Password Vault password.
  • Tick on the printer icon on the lower left side from the dialog box
  • Enter their Password Vault and tick on ok to print the Password Vault
  • Choose the appropriate options in the box Print dialog then tick on the Print to print the Vault Password.

How to Delete Vault Password in Quicken?

The user will require the newest release of Quicken to have the Delete alternative. If the user wants to search the link for the latest release of their Quicken version, they can follow the below steps:

  • Go into tool option and select the Password Vault.
  • Choose the Delete Vault and select the all Saved Passwords
  • A confirmation prompt will be visible on the PC and tick on Yes.

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How to Reset Vault Password in Quicken?

  • The user should only perform this task, if they forget their Vault password or if they want to delete all their all credentials financial institution from the Vault.
  • Select the Tools menu > Password Vault > Reset Vault.
  • Write a new Vault password. And they will require doing this second time to verify tick on ok.

If the user still faces the same error on the system, they can directly call our Tech support team. Our team will support them users round the clock.

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