Fixation and QuickBooks sync error messages prove to be of great help to get the issue that occurs while working on QuickBooks resolved. Reason why QuickBooks online sync error arises is that when in Bill, the vendor credit is trying to get the QuickBooks synced but the reference number they have, exceeds the maximum characters.

QuickBooks Sync Error occurs when QuickBooks file is not available.

  • If the file is not synced before ever, then get the file path of QuickBooks Company File open and if asked make sure it provides the access of company file. Make sure that you click on Yes always, and access is always allowed if in case the QuickBooks isn’t running
  • In case the QuickBooks is open but the file that is open is not the one which was selected by you, then close the company file or the QuickBooks, after doing that get the select file opened in QuickBooks

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Solution of the QuickBooks Sync Error

  • Firstly make sure that you exit the QuickBooks
  • Then go to sync dashboard, Now on the screen where error occurs, tap on OK and Cancel in Profile Editor
  • Then go to the Sync Dashboard and top on New
  • After that get the QuickBooks file opened in the Single User Mode as QB Admin user
  • Tap on Edit and then on Preferences
  • Then on the left side tap on the Integrated Applications
  • Click on the Company Preferences
  • Make sure that the points mentioned below are not checked:
  • Ensure that no other applications can access the company file
  • Ensure that user is notified before the applications with expiree certificate are run
  • After that click on OK
  • Get back to Sync Dashboard Profile Editor and then tap on Next
  • When you see the Application Certificate of QuickBooks appears, choose Yes and then ensure that access is allowed no matter if the QuickBooks is running or not
  • Click on Continue
  • To get the Access Confirmation get Done clicked
  • Now in Sync Dashboard’s Profile Editor, get the login details entered and then tap on Next
  • Then choose the company that you are trying to sync with and then tap on Finish
  • Then in the Sync Dashboard under the Sync Profiles get the company selected and then tap on Sync

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