QuickBooks File doctor is an application which can be used for repairing company file. This software is provided by Intuit. Inaccessibility to company file can cause a lot of headache. There are many errors that can interfere with the connection to company file. Without the connection to the company file, working on QB becomes impossible.

Error series 6000 is notoriously famous for causing damage to QuickBooks company file. Error codes 6000 -82, 6000 – 301, 6130 and 6047 are all part of it. Other errors such as H303 and H505 are network connectivity errors. Encountering these errors means that QuickBooks cannot read the correct path of the company file or the company file may be damaged.

QuickBooks File Doctor can be downloaded directly from Intuit’s website. For QuickBooks 2014 and later, QB file doctor is already integrated into the main software. Either update your QuickBooks accounting software or download the File Doctor in order to proceed with the following steps:

  1. Login into an account with administrative privileges
  2. Goto Control Panel from Start Menu and disable User Account Control
  3. If you have QuickBooks 2014 or above then just open the file doctor through it. Otherwise download and install the file doctor from Intuit’s website.
  4. Open QuickBooks File Doctor and click on browse. Select the path for your company file and click open
  5. Select between the following options:
    1. Both File damage and Network Connectivity: If you encounter any error from the error series 6000-, then it is surely a problem with company file. The company file may be damaged or QB may not be able to read it.
    2. Network Connectivity Only: Connection issues such as H202, H505 and H303 can don’t effect the company file. These errors are much easier to fix. This can arise while working in the multi user mode or working with Cloud Hosted version of QuickBooks.
  6. Enter the password for your company file and click next.
  7. File doctor will prompt you about your network access. Choose between these two options to proceed:
    1. Server: Your company file is stored on the system on which the file doctor is being run.
    2. Workstation: You company file is stored on a server which can be accessed by the system on which the file doctor is being run. This can either be a local server, private cloud server, public cloud server or hybrid cloud server
  8. Click OK

QB File doctor will start diagnosing problem. It takes time for this tool to discover the root cause behind the error. The total time taken by this tool to assess the problem depends completely on the size of company file The tool first analyses for network connection issues. This takes hardly any time. If error due to network connection is identified then file doctor will not check for any additional problems. Once File doctor finishes resolving identified error open QB. If the error still persists then run file doctor again.

Due to multiple errors, it can become cumbersome for this tool to identify and resolve the issue. In such a case users can contact our QuickBooks Technical support Team [https://fastfix247.com/]. Our team provides round the clock support for all QB related issues and errors. To know more, feel free to contact us at .



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