Unable to Add Expenses in QuickBooks

Query :- User logged into their QuickBooks software to find that different categories labeled under Expenses have disappeared. The option available for the user is to ‘Add’ a new category. However, this is also futile as the software prompts of category being there as it is. All the different categories set by user is not visible. Earlier he / she only had to click on the category of expense and add relative amount. However now that is not possible. User is not allowed to populate the categories again nor is he able to add new ones as those categories already exists within the system.

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Solution :- When the user detailed the issue to the QuickBooks technical expert, they responded with following method of solving the problem. The user should first verify that the accounts of their business is still active as only the active accounts can be selected under Match or Category column in order to directly download and type the expenses to the required register. In case the user’s account is not displayed in the drop down list it is quite possible that the account is turned inactive from Chart of Accounts. To resolve the issue the account has to be turned active by following steps below:

  1. Locate and select the tab labeled ‘Transaction’ from the navigation bar in the left side of the window.
  2. Click on Chart of Accounts option.
  3. Next select the ‘Gear icon’ located in the top half of the table in the right side.
  4. Check the box against ‘Include Inactive’ option.
  5. Locate the required account and if the status shows as “deleted”, click on tab called ‘Make Active’ under the Actions column.

In the scenario where in the account is already active but the issue of category or match list still not available, try to log into the QuickBooks account from another web browser.

This should successfully categorize the expenses by showcasing the created categories within the account. However, if the issue is still persistent it is advise to again connect with the QuickBooks technical support experts for swift resolution in limited time period.