Unable Track Activity Log QuickBooks software is adept in handling and managing all types of accounting tasks and activities. The user can also perform additional tasks like keeping check on the inventory situation of the business, connecting with customers and vendors through invoices and receipts. Another important tasks that can be done by user with QuickBooks software in hand is to track activities of the user. However, at times user might face issues completing this tasks.  One of the most common issue as informed by aggrieved user is detailed below:


The user is employing QuickBooks with multi-user subscription and wishes to track the activity of the users. The activities of the user pertaining to invoice and purchase orders and logging time of the user along with reports that are accessed as well.


To keep track of the user’s activity within the QuickBooks software, best possible method is to customize the report called ‘Entered / Last Modified by’. This report basically entails details regarding all the user’s’ transactions, time and date of those transactions entered into the system or modification occurred on them in the list form. This report isn’t one of the standard reports given with QuickBooks, however, user can create and memorize the template to generate it whenever they wish to do so.

Follow the steps below for the same:

  1. Open the software and locate the Edit tab from the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  2. Then click on ‘Advanced Find’ option from the drop down menu of Edit tab.
  3. Under the new window called ‘Find’ locate ‘Filter’ option from the list followed by ‘Entered / Modified’ option.
  4. In the field labeled ‘Filter’ click on the specific time period, selected from the menu displayed in drop down form. Users can also try another way by entering ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates.
  5. Highlight and click on the “Find” tab, then on “Create Report” option to view the results in a report format.
  6. Next under ‘Report’ select the tab called ‘Modify Report’ located at the top of the report. Next under the Display option checkmark against the option stating ‘Last Modified By’ along with other imperative details that user wants to see under the columns.
  7. User can rename the report by clicking on tab for ‘Header / Footer’ related to the contents of the report such as User Transactions by first highlighting the Title area of the report and then clicking on ‘OK’ tab.

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The problem is that user cannot refine the report to sort details as ‘Total by User’. Optionally user can opt to generate report as ‘Last Modified By’ from the drop down menu of ‘Sort By’ tab under ‘Modify’ Report. It generally indicates that report on all the users are showcased under one report instead of them being separately reported.

Once a modified report has been prepared as per the requirements of the user next is to memorize the template by selecting the ‘Memorize’ tab located next to  ‘Modify Report’ tab. In the new screen select and click on the tab ‘OK’ or alternatively can reroute by first checkmark and select the option of Report Group to save and then click on OK.

This report option can further be added to main bar for easy access in the future with just one click through following steps:

  1. Open the report and select ’View’ tab from main toolbar located at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the option of ‘Add “xxxxxxx Report to Icon Bar” ’ from long list of the options under drop down menu.
  3. From the new window select appropriate icon and enter a short name for the label and then complete the process by clicking on ‘OK’ tab.

In order to change placement of icons, user needs to follow steps below:

  • Select on ‘View’ tab and then on ‘Customise Icon Bar’ option.
  • Under this user can edit, delete or move the icon around as per their choice in order to change to position of the same.

This process helps to save time and energy of the user as the icon bar is set as per their preference. By employing the tracking of log activity of users, admin of the software or business owner can be aware about the working of their employees. However, if the error still persists it is recommended to contact the proficient QuickBooks customer service team to resolve the error swiftly.

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