Unbilled Costs Job Report in QuickBooks

From the myriad range of job reports available with the QuickBooks user, one of the most underrated one is Untitled or Unbilled Costs by Job Report and is generally overlooked by the user. This report can be easily generated and is located by clicking on the Reports tab from main menu and then selecting the option labeled ‘Jobs Time and Mileage’. The report is suitable to garner prompt response regarding the expenses incurred by the business for a specific job that is yet to be billed or accumulated under any category and has to be paid back to the customers.

The versions supporting Unbilled Costs by Job Report are QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise for Windows operating system. The report basically offers complete summary of the expenses incurred during the process of a job that are not accounted for or billed accurately. The user has the option of customizing the report as per their discretion like changes within the columns and rows (adding or deleting) and memorizing the report for future reference.

In case the user wishes to generate the report for specific few jobs or one particular job instead of all the jobs, all they require is to follow the steps below:

  • Locate and select the option of ‘Modify Report’ from the top section of the ‘Report Screen’ in the left part.
  • Then move to the ‘Filters’ button followed by selecting Name option and then ‘Multiple Names’ from the filters list.
  • Under the list showcased, select the options that report needs to be generated with.

Another aspect of Job reports is Job Costing which basically details the flow and direction of money in the business. In essence, it helps to track the the expenditure incurred through a particular job and then covering up the extra cost through the revenue earned by the company. There are several tools integrated within the QuickBooks software related to Job Costing feature that accords users to view how much company has profited through revenue and how much has to be paid in lieu of expenses. Furthermore, this attribute of Job costing tool helps to pick and choose jobs for the future that are profitable to the business. Another imperative aspect of running a business is estimating the cost and then getting a real picture of it by comparing it to the actual cost of the job once it is over. Comparison plays a important role in acknowledging whether the business is making profits or not and what projects to take up in the future. QuickBooks software ensures this comparison is on point through several of its tools.

There are two more related reports that work in tandem with Job reports and are similar to Unbilled Costs, as mentioned below:

  • Unpaid Bills by Job – This report entails all those bills that are yet to be paid, categorized by the name of the customers and jobs they were incurred on. This report consist of bills that are either registered under a customer or a particular job. It is imperative for the users who wish to pay off their bills to vendors for one specific job as and when they are paid by their customer.
  • Unpaid Job Bills by Vendor – This report is generated to showcase all the unpaid bills categorized under vendor / supplier / subcontractor name. It also consists of all the related customers or job related to the particular bill.

The above details are imperative to generate a successful Job Report for Unbilled Costs through QuickBooks software. It is important to be thorough with the understanding of the report in order to avoid any untoward complications. However, if there are any details that need to be inquired about the report, user should connect with the QuickBooks customer support team setup by Intuit comprising of professionally qualified technicians who are adept in handling all sorts of problems and errors with the software.

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