QuickBooks Users realize the fact that Intuit regularly releases new updates in order to bring the best experience to them. To amplify user experience, with each update Intuit ensures that bugs are minimized. Further, new features are rolled out on yearly basis. These features provide more robust functionality to QuickBooks.

Many users are stuck with QuickBooks 2021, though was a great stable version, now is completely outdated. Intuit realizes this and is planning to shut down security updates and support for this version of QuickBooks. Users should consider upgrading to latest versions of QuickBooks in order to gain the maximum from this accounting software.

New Features in QuickBooks 2022

There were many new features introduced in QuickBooks 2022. Many of these aimed towards security In 2015 Intuit had suffered from security breach. To ensure that users are at no risk, Intuit released a stream of security updates. Further it also added the options for users using T4s or RI-1S to receive passwords through email. Other changes have been mentioned below:

  • Confidentiality of data is one of the most important things to consider. Personally Identifiable information of organization’s employee can be used for many malicious purposes. To prevent from such malignant objectives QB 2016 makes it mandatory for users to set up a password for user accounts. Further, this password is to be changed every 90 days, hence ensuring that ex-employees do not have access to all the confidential data.
  • Tracking bill had always been arduous and it was impossible for users to perform batch action on them. With the new Bill Tracker feature of QB 2022, users can easily track all the bills and accounts payable. Bills can also be viewed from the dashboard. Further, this makes creating accounts payable reports much easier.
  • Advanced reporting, one of the main feature of QuickBooks Enterprise, has also received an upgrade. Not only can users create robust reports by thoroughly getting their data analyzed by QB, but they can also add filters to these reports. Filters can now also be used along with transactions. Better organization of data is ensured with these new updates.
  • Users can now perform batch actions on transactions. Batch action manager has been added to QB 2016 in hopes of increasing the proficiency of accounting for users. Users can easily get prints for multiple transactions. Further, multiple transactions can be deleted at once.
  • For quick summary of business status, dashboard has been connected to the reporting function. Users can now view the entire summary of their business operations straight from the dashboard.

New Features in QuickBooks 2022

Communication Tool

Ever heard of a real time chat feature inside an accounting software? Well here it is in QuickBooks 2022. The new feature enables multiple user to collaborate on accounting tasks. Users of QB might realize that this is the same tool used for gathering permission for single mode access. Intuit has expanded the functionality of this software by converting it into a chat application. This also reduces the chances of users accidentally changing user modes.


Users can view all the filters applied on a particular report. This makes recreating QB reports much easier. Users can also download customized industry specific reports and view the filters applied on them. By doing so, they will be able to modify templates downloaded or collected from other sources.

Predictive Search

Smart Search they are calling this new feature. This feature tracks users search patterns. By doing so, this tool is able to predict and display search results while the user is still typing. This is the same experience that Internet search engines provide users but is only limited to accounting data stored in QB.

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