How to view reminders for unpaid invoices with QuickBooks?

Managing a business is not an easy thing, and most of the business owners especially small business owners have to cope with different business management things. The best way of managing a business is using automated software. It reduces cost and at the same time it enhances business efficiency. For a business, financial management is a big concern. It has to follow standardized method otherwise it may cause glitches at later stages. When it comes to financial management, a lot of tasks are needed to be handled by business managers. Among those tasks, invoice tracking is a common thing. For tracking invoices, you can follow the method that has been described below and can set reminder for unpaid invoices too.view-reminders-for-unpaid-invoices

  • Open QuickBooks for your desktop, and then login to your account, if you are not already logged in or signed in. Now, you shall be driven to the dashboard of this software.
  • At dashboard, you shall find many options. The menu bar at the top shall help you finding the right options with ease.
  • Now, at the menu bar, choose customers as your option. Go to the customer tab, and here you shall find option for invoices.
  • Choose invoices, and check status of the invoice. If there is an unpaid invoice, you can send reminder to your client through Send a Message option.
  • You can also set automatic reminder for invoice.

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