There are very rare circumstances when the QuickBooks Payroll user will be required to void a paycheck. Not only the process is a little complex, it is generally not followed as voiding a paycheck also includes keep track of other related details like tax calculation and liability payments which is not present at the time of voiding any general check. In order to successfully void a paycheck without making any hassle user needs to follow instructions below which will ultimately help to void a paycheck or direct deposit factor. For the below steps to work properly it is assumed at the user has generated a paycheck with incorrect amount. Correcting YTD Employee

How to Void a Direct Deposit Paycheck?

This is particularly applicable for  QuickBooks Desktop Payroll users subscribed with Basic / Standard / Enhanced plan. If the user is required to make changes into an already generated and sent direct deposit paycheck, they should first void the same paycheck and then recreate a new paycheck. User should ensure that no edit is made to the sent paycheck as it will cancel the void function.  How to Customize a Check, Vouchers or Pay Stubs

Recovering Funds

User should keep in mind that if the transaction of Direct Deposit gets completed, preventing the transfer of funds into the respective account is not possible. Thus it is recommended that the process of voiding is sent to Intuit before they start the process of payroll allocation. This process usually starts around 5 p.m. (pacific time) two days prior to the date mentioned in the check or the date on which Intuit receives payroll details (whichever is earlier). Another option is to reverse the direct deposit transaction if the payroll processing has already taken place as long as the user files for request within 5 banking days of the check date mentioned in the paycheck. First a request to Reverse Direct Deposit is to be submitted, following which the initiation of the request will be taken up by the bank and a confirmation of the same will be sent through registered email id. As long as 5 banking days can be taken by the bank to process the whole request and status of the recovery of funds is informed to the user through email notification. User can also recover the same funds from the employee if they wish to avoid the whole process of submitting request. Reenter Paycheck in QuickBooks

Void / Edit Direct Deposit Paycheck:

Before proceeding with the steps to void the paycheck, Intuit highly advises user to first completely backs up their financial data. The steps are as follows:

  • Click the Payroll Center icon.
  • In the Payroll Center, go to the Pay Employees tab. At the bottom, from the Other Activities list, click Edit/Void Paycheck.
  • Enter a date range in the Show paychecks from and through fields, and click in the display area to show the checks.
  • Click to select the check you want to void.
  • Click the Void button.
  • Follow the instructions in the message that appears.
  • Click the Done button to close the Edit/Void Paychecks window.
  • Choose Employees > Send Payroll Data.
  • Click Go Online, enter your Payroll Service PIN, and click OK.

In case the user still faces some difficulty with the process, they should immediately get in touch with proficient QuickBooks experts hosted by Intuit to provide all round support for the software and its add-ons.

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