Wanted to Put the Company Logo while setting up a Company

Company logo needs to be added in important files and documents of the company to differentiate them with others. Users of QuickBooks can add logos to their invoice and estimates by following the procedure detailed below. In order to add the company logo to the company’s invoice generated through QuickBooks follow:

In the scenario, user has a copy or picture of their company’s  logo in right in the computer system, they need to locate and click on the Format button in the QuickBooks software top part of the Invoice and then select the option of Layout Designer. In the case user is employing default templates for invoices the software will require user to duplicate the invoice which will open another window called ‘Additional Customization’. Select on option ‘Basic Customization’ and follow it by check ‘Use Logo’ tab which will further enable user to Select Logo button. Maneuver through the folders to locate the picture copy of the Company Logo then click to Open it. Once added, click on Layout Designer to position the logo box or other boxes in the template. Ensure the logo is in the format of gif, jpeg or bmp.

Add the Company Logo to Estimates or Sales Receipts:

User can add their company logo to be printed or in e-mailed forms, such as sales orders, or purchase orders. Once they have added the logo to the form, they can resize and move it using the Layout Designer.

Note: Logos show when printed (you can see them in the Preview window), but they do not show when the user fills out the form on-screen.

User can create, edit, or convert a logo in a graphical program such as Microsoft® Paint. For more information on images, they can connect and go through the graphical program’s in-product Help.

To perform this task:

  1. Open the Basic Customization window.
  2. In the Basic Customization window, select the Use Logo checkbox.
    • If the user has not previously used a logo, a window opens where they can select a logo.
    • If they have been using a logo and want to change it, then they need to click the Select Logo button to select the image they wish to use.
  3. For best results, the company’s logo image should be square. The logo image will be reduced and sized to fit in a square space.
  4. Click on Open to return to the Basic Customization window and preview the selected logo.
  5. Click the Print Preview button to view a larger preview. Then click on Close. It is optional and not really required.
  6. Click OK.

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The above steps ensure the company’s logo is outfitted in both Invoice and other estimate forms. If, however, user lands up into any problem regarding the same, they should immediately get in touch with expert QuickBooks customer support team setup by Intuit who are experienced in tackling these kinds of errors without taking up much time.

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