wddm service not running in quickbooks

Some users have complained that they face the WDDM Service Not Running in QuickBooks quite frequently. Are you one of them? We know, it can be really annoying if you are going through some important works and you have suddenly faced the WDDM service not working error. Because of this issue, you may suddenly find your QuickBooks to be frozen, or slow. Your Windows operating system may also get malfunctioned and may stop at any unpredictable moment. You may face other issues   related to the operating system as well.

Know What Are WDDM Services?

The WD Drive Manager Service process is part of the WDDriveManager.exe, WD Drive Manager, or WD SmartWare Drive Manager software. WDDMService.exe is not required by Windows and frequently causes issues. The WDDMService.exe file is placed in the “C:Program Files” directory (mostly C:\Program Files\Western Digital\WD SmartWare\WD Drive Manager\).

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You don’t need to panic though! If you have a fair idea about the issue and are aware of ways to counter it, you can take this problem into your stride. We are here to assist you. If you are troubled frequently with this issue, go through this blog. Here, we will provide a number of easy solutions, with a step-by-step approach.  Just go through the steps, implement them and fix the WDDM Service Not Running issue for good!

Why Does the WDDM Service Not Running in QuickBooks Problem occur?

WD Drive Manager Service
Screenshot WDDMService.exe

Some of the possible reasons of occurrence of this issue are as follows-

  • You may see this error message appearing on your screen when some DLL files get corrupted or missed after you have updated the Windows operating system.
  • You may encounter this error when you use unconventional methods to uninstall or reinstall the QuickBooks application
  • The error may occur if the drivers are not installed/updated properly or are damaged.  
  • If any virus or malware (such as Trojan Horse) creeps into your system, you may experience this error.

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How to Troubleshoot the WDDM Service Not Running in QuickBooks Error?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the WDDM Service Not Running error-

Method 1: Check the Update Status of the Drivers

This article will tell you how to update your drivers. If you are receiving a WDDM Service not Running error, this article explains how to rectify that situation.

  • Double-click on the File Explorer option.
  • Right-click My Computer on the icon in order to open up a menu. From there, you can select Manage.
  • When you click the Manage option, a window appears in front of you that’s named Computer Management.
  • Click on System Tools and then choose Device Manager.
  • When you click “Manage”, a window called “Computer Management” will appear in front of you.

Method 2: Run your System in the Safe Mode

Troubleshooting can help find the cause of errors and you might also get a faster and more reliable computer if you have your default settings and driver updated.

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Press the Settings option on your computer then select ‘Start in Safe Mode’.

  • Open the Start menu, find the Settings item and select it.
  • Choose Recovery and then press System.
  • The title of this window is “Recovery Settings.”
  • You must choose Restart for Advanced Setup under Recovery Options.
  • Restart your PC, and you will be on the Choose an option screen.
  • In Advanced Options, click on Troubleshoot.
  • Press the Restart button that you set up in Startup Settings.
  • The BitLocker recovery key is needed in order to recover the computer.
  • To get your computer into safe mode, simply click 4 or press the F4 key, and then to restart your computer with networking in safe mode, press 5 or F5.

Start your computer with just a screen, allowing apps to work properly.

Try the sign-in screen with Safe Mode if you cannot use the above option.

  • First of all, you will need to be on the Windows sign-in screen.
  • Press the Shift key and move to the Restart option on your screen.
  • Your system should restart after that with Choose an option screen in front of you.
  • Troubleshooting help is available for every computer.
  • Click on Start > Settings > Advanced.
  • Restart your computer by clicking on the Restart button.
  • You need to provide BitLocker recovery key when this happens.
  • Restart your computer and then press F4 or click on number 5 to get your system into the Safe Mode.

Method 3: Check the status of the WDDM Service

  • Go to the Start button.
  • Click on the Control panel option and then choose Administrative Tools.
  • Next, choose the Service option to examine the WDDM service by the following steps:
  • Right-click on Properties and select the General tab.
  • Under Start sorting, you must choose Automatic.
  • Click on Apply and restart the services.

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We hope the troubleshooting steps mentioned above have helped you a great deal to fix the WDDM Service Not Running error in QuickBooks. If you are still not able to get rid of this issue, or , if you experience any difficulties in carrying out these steps, we would recommend you to speak to our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where to Find the QuickBooks product & License Number?

    1. If you have purchased it from a retail store, you will find this information in the label of the original package.
    2. If you have purchased QuickBooks from the Intuit website, this information will be available in the email that was sent to you at the time of purchase.
    3. If you are reinstalling QuickBooks, you will find this information  in your Customer Account Management Portal.
    4. If you have lost your product number or license number, please contact the QuickBooks support team.

  2. What is a QuickBooks Company File?

    A QuickBooks company file can be identified with the extension .QBW. It is a destination where all the financial data related to a company is stored. It is stored as a single file and is not branched into multiple files. The user can open, copy or move the company file to any other location, as and when required. The QuickBooks company file can be imported among different QuickBooks versions as well.

  3. What is the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool?

    As you are aware of, the loss of crucial company data may hinder the business operations of any company. The QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool (QB ADR) is an important tool to  help you in this regard. It helps keep a proper backup of all the critical company data. This tool uses the present Transaction Log File and a Company File copy to restore the transactions lost. It can recover the lost or corrupted company data quickly enough.
    It can help the user to retrieve the lost data in 2 ways-

    1. It recreates the transaction that happened in the last few hours from the copy of the company file and the current transaction log file.
    2. It recreates the lost transaction from the copy of the company file and the current transaction log file.

  4. What are the benefits of updating the QuickBooks Desktop version?

    Some of the benefits of updating the QuickBooks Desktop application are as follows-
    1. Ensures better performance of the QuickBooks app on your system.
    2. Ensures improved security of your crucial data.
    3. Certain bugs and issues ( such as the ‘Intuit Data Protect Stopped Working’ etc) in the system have been fixed
    4. You can avail other enhanced features introduced by Intuit from time to time.

  5. Windows 10 at start-up has a message “WDDM service not running” in QuickBooks Desktop, how to fix it?

    I’d suggest you to uninstall the WD Smartware and check if the problem occurs.
    1. Launch the “WD Smartware” from the virtual CD 2. Go to the “Extras” 3. Start the “WD SmartWare Uninstaller”
    2. Restart the computer before reinstall the WD SmartWare. That should make the WDDM Service to work again.

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