What is the Process to Perform QuickBooks CRM Integration

By integrating QuickBooks and CRM, you can automate the work by securely downloading the CRM data of your deals and projects into QuickBooks daily or frequently.

Below are the key benefits that can be obtained by integrating the CRM system with QuickBooks.

  • You can easily build a well-organized sales process. Gather an updated lead list that can easily be converted into potential customers.
  • Track phone calls and emails of your customers easily.
  • Maintain customer’s contact information and transaction history for future use with the help of QuickBooks.
  • The user-friendly and less technical environment helps you to concentrate on your business-centric functional things.

What are the steps to integrate CRM with QuickBooks?

Step 1: To integrate CRM with QuickBooks , first of all, sign-in to your CRM system.

Step 2: Next, go to the QuickBooks website and open the Marketplace window.

Step 3: Search “CRM” from the field in the Marketplace window. Proceed with the following few steps to complete integration.

Step 4: Right after choosing CRM, the software will ask you to allow some permission to store and access the information in future.

Step 5: Select the targeted folders for your data files to be saved.

Step 6: Connect and select the QuickBooks option to start the integration process.

In case you feel any difficulty to integrate CRM with QuickBooks, we’re here to help you out! Whenever you face any issue, please contact us at LIVE CHAT and we will resolve your problem instantly!

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