How to work with jobs in QuickBooks?

Jobs and customers are two separate QuickBooks components through they have interrelations. This is why working with jobs involves handling ‘customers’ option in QuickBooks too. The purpose of setting up jobs and customers is track project completion report, and creating invoices after project completion. When project is completed, invoices are created. Once invoices are paid by customers or clients, particular job can be marked as closed. If invoices are due, you can setup reminders. Here is a complete guide on working with jobs with QuickBooks:work-with-jobs-in-qb

  • Login to your QuickBooks account at the first place.
  • Now, go to the top menu bar of the software interface, and click on the ‘Lists’. Thereafter, choose ‘Customer & Vendor Profile Lists’, and finally click on ‘Job Type List’.
  • Click on the ‘New’ to create a new job.
  • Enter job name and details about it. You have to link it with a particular customer.

If ‘customer’ is not already created, you can create it in the following way:

  • At first click on ‘Customer Center’ link, and then choose ‘New Customer & Job’. From drop down list, choose ‘New Customer’.
  • Enter customer name, details and other information carefully.
  • At Job Info section, you can add a particular job that you had created earlier. Otherwise, you can leave it blank too.

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Best Way to Do Jobs Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks is always a user-friendly financial management system, proffering a lot of benefits to the users. Using this software is always seamless experience. If you are facing trouble in working with jobs, you can contact customer support center for advanced assistance.



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