Creating Purchase Order Vendors in QuickBooks

Here is a quick guide on how you would be creating purchase order on QuickBooks

  • Go to edit, choose Preferences, click Items and inventory, click company preferences, and check the check box for inventor and purchase order are active is selected. Click Ok
  • Next you need to select for whom you are creating the purchase orders.
  • Select Items and services, and you get the list of services. To change a service double clicks on it. If the service is outsources click the checkbox below the service name box that states that this is a partner or subcontractor.creating purchase order vendors quickbooks
  • Write a description on the box for descriptions for transactions. Fill the cost field and then choose the apt from expense account. Or you may add a new expense account by click on Add new at the start of the dropdown.
  • Gove an account name, the cost, and then choose the preferred vendor, and click ok.
  • Click yes to update existing transactions.
  • You may get the spelling box, but turn it off too using options menu on it.
  • Now go to purchase orders. Choose your item from the dropdown. And then on the items box click on items, put rate and quantity and click ok.
  • Save and exit and you are done.

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