How to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks

Having your system equipped with QuickBooks makes things easier. However, introducing credit card transactions into QuickBooks would be necessary to ensure that all your financial details are reflected well in your new platform i.e. QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Importing Credit Card Transactions directly into QuickBooks?

Process 1: Download the credit card transactions into QuickBooks

  1. Open QuickBooks, click Banking
  2. Select Bank Feeds
  3. Go to Banking Center. You will get a list of bank accounts.
  4. Select the account you want to connect
  5. Click on Download Transactions
  6. Now, click on Synchronize
  7. Select Sync all for this Bank and all your account in the same bank would be connected
  8. Type the password or enter the PIN as asked for
  9. Click OK

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Process 2: Upload the Transactions Manually

When you connect your QuickBooks to your bank account, it automatically retrieves the last 90 days data into it. In case you want to receive data from an earlier period, you need to upload them manually on QuickBooks Desktop.

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Before you begin to upload the data, following the below-mentioned steps, you should review the file format and size. The files should either be saved as Comma-separated Values (CSV) or QuickBooks Online (QBO). The latter is the more suggested format, though.

Step 1: Format the files accordingly

  1. If not formatted well, it is recommended to reformat the files to be eligible to be uploaded.
  2. The maximum file size should be 350 KB
  3. Shorten the range of data you want to upload to make it fall under a suitable file size requirement.
  4. Upload the credit card transactions in smaller groups

Step 2: Begin the Upload

When your account is connected to online banking
  1. Open QuickBooks Online
  2. Select the Banking or Transactions menu
  3. Choose the Banking tab
  4. Choose the blue tile for the bank account you want the data to be uploaded to
  5. Choose Update
  6. Select File Upload
When your account is not connected to online banking
  1. Go to QuickBooks Online
  2. Click on the Banking or Transactions menu
  3. Choose Upload transactions

Step 3: Upload the credit card transactions into QuickBooks

  1. Click on Browse
    1. Choose the file downloaded from your bank as in Process 1
    2. Click on Next
    3. Go to QuickBooks account drop-down menu
    4. Choose the account where you want to upload the transactions
    5. Select Next
    6. Follow the instructions that appear through the prompts on the screen
    7. Match the columns on the file with the banking fields
    8. Click Next
    9. Choose Let’s go

You will see QuickBooks has added all your credit card transactions over there. Once done, you can review and reconcile the data received.

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The steps to import credit card transactions directly into QuickBooks are easy to follow. However, there might be chances of you being stuck while following these step-wise instructions. If there is any doubt or query regarding the steps or anything related to Import Credit Card Transactions directly into QuickBooks, our experts are always available on Live Chat to assist.

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