QuickBooks is a Change Bank Account Information in QuickBooks that has played a major role in bringing ease to various small-scale businesses and medium sized organizations. It gives you all the freedom to manage the finances from anywhere anytime. It organizes the accounting data in cloud, which enable you to create as well as send invoices, it helps you in tracking your sale.

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It will give you the insight of your business. With QuickBooks, your colleagues, accountant and bookkeeper can simultaneously login and can work together at the same time. But despite online access, QuickBooks provides the 100% security of your data. It ensures that all your important information is backed up automatically and remains protected. Fastfix247 helps in providing the complete support in order to make you understand more about QuickBooks. With Fastfix247, you will be able to know how to change the bank account information in QuickBooks.

Issue Raised by QuickBooks User :

i got a message that bank info changed for one of my employees and told me to call service…. but didn’t give me a phone #… i just had two of our employees bring in new direct deposit forms….. can I just update and then try to re-send….bank was recently sold – so there are new account #’s.

Updating and setting-up the bank account:

  • Get the new bank account created in QuickBooks Chart of Accounts, if in case you haven’t created one yet
  • First of all choose lists and then chart of accounts
  • Then tap on accounts button and then choose New
  • After that select Bank and then Continue
  • Add all the information of your bank account
  • Once it is done choose Save and Close in order to get all the changes saved, that you have made.

Updating the information of bank account in the QuickBooks Account Maintenance page

  • Go to the QuickBooks software first and then to Employees after that to My Payroll Service and then to Accounts/Billing Information
  • Now login through your account
  • In the section of Direct Deposit, tap on Bank Account details
  • Click on OK, as soon as you see the message flashing up
  • After that add payroll PIN and then tap on Select
  • Get the details of new bank account added and then click on Submit
  • Wait till you receive confirmation after that click on Continue
  • You will receive 2 test debits in new bank account. Bank debits will be posted to new bank statement within two working days.
  • Then choose a bank account that will be used to post the transactions by QuickBooks that is returned by the service. Don’t forget to add/update the account where fees and direct deposit checks will be posted when you are getting the bank account change done.
  • Go to the Employees, present on top of the menu bar and then select the Payroll Data
  • Then on the window of Send/Receive Data, click on Preferences
  • Now from the window of account preferences, choose thr bank account, a new one, listed in the drop down list
  • Tap OK in order to get all the changes saved. Then on the window of Send/Receive Data tap on Close

Get the new Direct Deposit bank account activated:

  • Wait for one to two banking days to pass and then get the bank statement checked. Then make sure you note down the one-time small withdrawals that QuickBooks Payroll Service made
  • Then get the two test debits added in the page of QuickBooks Account Maintenance, by following these steps:
  • First of all go to the Employees and then to My Payroll Service after that to Account/Billing Information
  • Then login through your account
  • Then tap on the Version link adjacent to the information of Direct Deposit bank account
  • Then make sure that you get the amount of 2 test debits added in order to get the new bank account verified
  • By confirming enter your PIN of payroll
  • Then tap on the Submit
  • In QuickBooks while creating the paychecks, don’t forget to get the default bank account changed which you will use
  • Then get the bank account changed where the payroll fees will be posted in the QuickBooks

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